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Vilanculos and the Bazaruto Archipelago

offer an incredible variety of dive sites and diving options which will suit everyone from the beginner to the most experienced diver and also the snorkelers.

Our waters are amongst the richest in the area and 75% of the species of the Indian Ocean have been found on Two Mile Reef.

Vilanculos Dive Sites

In the bay, whilst travelling to the islands and dive sites, dolphins are frequently encountered and for the luckier it is also possible to see a dugong (the very rare sea cow or manatee).

The marine life here is plentiful: rays, sharks, turtles, giant groupers, massive morays and the nasty black cheek morays, big shoals of surgeon fish, fusiliers and all the reef fish you can imagine, nudibranchs. Whether you like them small or big, colourful or funny shaped, you'll find them here. And all this on very colourful and healthy reefs.

Visibility is at its best from mid March to September with the water temperature very comfortable from November onwards.

Our dive sites are located in 2 different areas: behind Bazaruto and Benguerra and on Cabo Sao Sebastao. We also have an artificial reef - Allan's Reef - 5 km south of Vilanculos. Very shallow and ideal for those who love macro and underwater photography.


Two-Mile Reef (20m) Slide show

Vilanculos Dive Sites

The corals here are beautiful, very varied and in pristine condition. The reef hosts an incredible variety of reef fish and is home to devil rays, sharpnose stingrays, reef sharks. It is not rare to bump into 5 or 6 massive turtles during the same dive. Two Mile Reef is a very wide reef that allows very different dives depending on where we're jumping and, being quite shallow (max depth is 20m), it easily allows for 60 minute dives. In between the dives we stop on Bazaruto and give you time enough to relax and enjoy the amazing views of the Archipelago.


Five Mile Reef (20m) Slide show

If you've ever wanted to feel like you're diving in a submerged city, this is the place to explore. You'll dive around magnificent coral formations and through an amazing rocky structure, exploring caves and swimthroughs where you might bump into a sleepy turtle, crocodile fish, scorpion fish and the most amazing nudibranchs.


The Channel (35m)

A very different dive where you'll have the impression you're on the Bazaruto Dunes but underwater. The landscape is amazing. Here you have a good chance of encountering big sharks cruising in the channel or rays. The currents can be very strong though. This dive is only for experienced divers.


Cabo Sao Sebastian Slide show

Vilanculos Dive Sites

This is all about wilderness and pelagic, from the surface to the bottom... but not only.

On the surface we are very often welcomed by big schools of dolphins (spinner, bottle nosed or humpback), whale sharks and, from June to October, humpback whales.

The reefs, all submerged, are incredibly rich in terms of corals and reef life. When you're tired of looking at the mantas being cleaned, look around and you'll find nudibranchs, shrimps and crabs, garden eels and schools of fusiliers.

On Cabo Sao Sebastian currents can be strong. The sites are accessible only at certain tidal conditions and with good weather. This is one of the reasons the reefs are still in such pristine condition. You'll rarely bump into any other group of divers than yours there. Enjoy!

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